Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Catfish Tackle

During the summer, I like to cat fish at night.  A simple lazy type of fishing that sees long periods of  inactivity punctuated with moments excitement or frustration. (I'm looking at you Mr. Snapping Turtle)

The way I like to set my rig up for cat fishing is pretty simple.
  1. 30 pound Power Pro Braided Line
  2. 1/2 ounce bell sinker on the main line
  3. 9 inch steel leader tied to the braid allowing the sinker to slide freely
  4. Gamakatsu circle hook size 6 
  5.  Big chunk of beef liver on the hook (preferably liver that has been sitting in the sun all day) 

This rig keeps the bait close to the bottom, but allows it to move around in the current and leaves it accessible to the catfish.

I've had better success with fresh liver rather than frozen and thawed. I will usually attach a glow braclet to my rod for easier viewing. (See previous post)

I put together a cat fish bag, so I can head out the door any time the opportunity arrises. Here's what I carry cat fishing.

  • Uglystik 6'6"
  • Inexpensive reel
  • Camp chair
  • Bug Spray (do not forget this, or you will be miserable)
  • Baby wipes for cleaning hands after the raw liver
  • Flashlight
  • Headlamp
  • Tackle for my rigs (on an average night I might lose one or two)
  • Raw Liver
  • Pliers for hook removal
  • Glove for cat fish handling
  • Rod holder
  • Bag for garbage

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