Thursday, February 9, 2012

Looking for a New Rod

I'm looking to buy a bass rod. I usually get by with cheaper gear but my bass rod snapped on my last fishing trip in 2011 and I have a little money to spend on it. I'm going to pair it with a Shimano Symetre 2500 FJ.

My Basic requirements
  • 6'6" - 7'0"
  • MH Power
  • Fast Action
  • Spinning
  • Around $150 (not married to the number but definately under $200)
The contenders so far.
  1. Shimano Crucial
  2. Fenwick Elite Tech Smallmouth
  3. St. Croix Avid
  4. St. Croix Rage

Shimano Crucial ($149)
Pros: Lifetime Warranty, Split Grip Handle, Alconite Guides
Cons: EVA Grips, Plain looking

Fenwick Elite Tech Smallmouth ($129)
Pros: Split Grip Handle, Cork Handle, Best Price, Looks Awesome, Titanium / Ziconium Guides
Cons: 1 year Warranty only, have not had a lot of experience with the brand

St. Croix Avid ($180)
Pros: Lifetime Warranty, Alconite Guides, Cork Handle, Premium Rod Company, Made in USA
Cons: 1 Piece Handle, Most Expensive, Plain looking

St. Croix Rage ($150)
Pros: Micro Guides, Innovative Handle Covering, Looks Good
Cons: 1 Piece Handle, Innovative Handle Covering, 5 Year Warranty

I realized that selecting one of the above rods over the other is not going to make me a better fisherman. I am excited to try out a better rod this summer, even if it is just for bragging right over Derek.

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