Thursday, July 19, 2012

Where Have All the Good Bass Gone - Part 3

I had written to the Thames River Anglers Association (TRAA) about the perceived lack of bass in the Thames River in the London area.

I received a response back that indicates that bass catches have been decent this year and in the recent past.  The exception being in the South Branch by the Pottersburg Creek pollution plant.  Apparently there was a change in their outflow which destroyed the bass fishery in the area.

They assured me that bass fishing was still good.

The TRAA say "The weather patterns of late remind me of 1986 when we had all time low water levels which combined with the high heat created algae blooms which lead to the sudden decline of the bass fishery. That is why our group was formed in 1986." This information makes sense given the weather.

Randy Bailey of the TRAA continues, 
"One of the other reasons I see is the exploitation of the bass fishery and blatant disregard for the regulations. Case in point, I reported 2 gentlemen to the local CO and tips line who were fishing on Rebbecca Road. The two of them had 14 smallmouth on a stringer and they were all in the size range you are talking about. The best part is the local CO busted both of them a week after the tip and confiscated their gear as well as a hefty fine." It is good that the offenders were caught and charged
I heard that overfishing was the primary problem with bass populations before.

I have received information from a few sources that say the bass fishery is still in good shape in the Thames River. I hope this is the case.  Now all I have to do is get out there and find them.

I'll continue to monitor the situation and post any additional information I uncover.

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