Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bread Bait Ideas from FishToronto.com

Toronto area Carp will take bread from the surface, off the bottom or even suspended mid-water. The local Carp all along the Toronto waterfront clean up a lot of bread thrown at the waterfowl by the kids at the duck pond, and across the Harbourfront parks. Learning to use bait that your local fish routinely come across as a free food source is a key tactic for sight fishing Carp in shallow waters. My friend Blair is the absolute master of free-lining a bread crust, while sight fishing for Carp in the margins here in Toronto. Blair routinely lands big Carp on bread crust like no one else I have seen.

But what about using hair rigged bread fished at distance on the bottom? Bread doesn’t have a very good reputation for this style of fishing and I hear the same complaints time and again.

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