Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bass Opener

Bass Opener, the third holiest day of the year. (Easter, Christmas, Opener) It is the beginning of summer for me. It makes the end of the Scouting season. (I make sure we're done by opener) It is the day I begin fishing in earnest. My goal is to get out 100 times before Halloween. I've been out about 20 times so far, so I really need to hit it in the summer.

I have my new rod Charlene, my new lures #1, #2, my old stand bys. (tubes, inline spinners and worms)

The only questions is where to fish? The river is a little low but now within normal tolerances. Do I hit hit the North Thames? (In town, out of town) My old spot by the dog park on the South branch? There a new pond I was turned onto that I want to try. So many choices, so much guess work as to where the bass will be.

I might try and hit about 5 spots on Saturday and give no more than 45 mins at each unless the bite is on.

I'll post about where I fish and the success of each early next week.

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